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As a leading access floor specialist, Resflor offers numerous complete raised access floor solutions to meet different budget and requirement. With its modular structure, Resflor raised access floor enables rapid and cost-effective layout changes and brings to area, functionality and flexibility. With wide range of covering options, we can meet the various demands of the designers and give the modern commercial interiors neat and elegant appearance.

Over the years, Resflor has connected an expansive clientele, including different major land developments, government entities, private sectors, architects, contractors and facilities managers. In addition, we also have a team of engineers and specialized personnel offering their expertise to the construction market.

Our success is based on the provision of a wide product selection, premium quality, professional and expertise consultancy service, and detailed craftsmanship after-sales services. More than 20 years of R&D&I, design, manufacturing has become our customer’s reliable source.

SC products has successfully passed America CISCA Standard Test, UK MOB Standard Test, Europe CE Standard Test... Strategic partners of SGS, Intertek, TUV, UL.
Our company is expanding, with factory covers an area of 80,000 square meters and 400 staffs now. Annual production capacity is more than 3 million square meters.
Seeking for perfection on product quality is of the same importance with technical strength, the company's conception of seeking for excellence has made the production efficiency and product quality totally promoted and assured. During the production process in normal times.
  • Installing a raised access flooring system in your workplace allows for increased flexibility and brings with it several benefits. When you're able to house your power, data and telecommunications underneath your access floor, you will find that your workplace is much more flexible.

    You can create functional open plan areas with a flexible environment. All sorts of workplaces can benefit from installing a raised access flooring, such as:
    · Data centers and other computer rooms
    · Office buildings Banks
    · Schools and universities
    · Call centers
    · Television and film studios
    · Museums
    · Exhibition areas and showrooms
  • In operation, an underfloor HVAC system operates at much lower pressure and warmer temperature than a traditional ducted overhead system, boosting indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and personal comfort control. These features help improve energy efficiency through the reduction of mechanical equipment and longer economizer hours. Reusing service supply materials such as wires, cables, outlets and diffusers during reconfiguration further improves the lifetime sustainability of any facility. See some examples showing how they're used in high performance buildings.
  • · Deliver air from the floor at low pressure to utilize natural convection and maximize energy efficiency.
    · Deliver air closer to the occupants so that warmer temperatures can be used expanding economizer opportunities.
    · Power, voice, data, and heating and cooling services can all be reconfigured reusing the
    existing materials.
    · Reduce construction materials thereby eliminating the harmful emissions required to produce and ship those materials.
    · Include low VOC products made of recycled materials.

  • In the construction phase, the Underfloor Service Distribution System allows a reduction in slab-to-slab height, decreasing construction materials required, eliminating ducts, wire and cable drop down lengths, and building shell materials.
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